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Mary Beckett Design is a full service interior design firm based in Dublin, Ohio.

MBD specializes in all aspects of both residential & commercial design from the building process, working closely with architects, through space planning & furnishings.

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Urban Revival

Griffiths Lane

Concord Road

Nº 3   testimonial

"Our experience was nothing short of wonderful. From our first meeting, thru the completion of the project,

Mary demonstrated a impressive level of expertise and professionalism. We had worked with a few designers in the

past, and wanted to be cautious that the project reflected us as a family, our needs and our level of taste. We can honestly

say that we have never experienced this level of excitement about the design process, creative ideas and how Mary

was able to achieve our vision, in the complete renovation of our home. 

Mary is poised, elegant and intelligent. Mary completely understood the needs of our family, how we wanted to make

the home function in a manner that suited us, and our style. She was gracious and inspiring in her creative ideas. I am in

awe of her laser sharp attention to detail. Mary came to each meeting prepared, full of ideas and was flexible to fit our schedules. Our project posed a few interesting challenges, and she met each one with a calm reassuring manner, positive attitude and careful

thought process. We wanted each room in our home to keep the integrity of the main idea, and flow naturally from, while

maintaining each rooms function. Mary achieved my vision perfectly! I now live in a peaceful upscale modern home,

that will remain timeless.

I found Mary to be descreet, with a high level of taste, that would be welcome to the discerning client. I found her to be completely open and honest, and could not be happier. Our home takes our breath away, and most importantly:

FUNCTIONS- how beautifully it now meets the needs of our family & friends!" 

Troy & Julie Coughlin | Urban Revival | Complete Renovation

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